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How To Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits

Although the application itself is a simple process, there are several steps to consider before filing the application. At The Law Center for Social Security Disability, I will explain the steps and give you pointers on getting started.

Step #1

I will educate you about common mistakes and provide tips for ensuring that nothing is overlooked when you file your claim. When discussing how to apply for benefits, I can help you:

  • Determine the last day worked and establish your disability onset date.
  • If you are still working, despite the disability. If your income under $1130 per month for SSDI. If you are earning over this amount the claim will be rejected.
  • If you are applying for SSI, there is a dollar for dollar reduction in the benefit amount base on the earnings.
  • Make certain that all your medical documentation is submitted.
  • Make certain that medical documentation clearly specifies your impairment.
  • Make certain your doctor has stated why the impairment prevents you from working.

Step #2

The Social Security Administration makes applying for Social Security benefits seem deceptively simple. The agency’s website invites applicants to apply by:

  • Phone
  • In person
  • Online — which, according to the agency, is the “easiest and most convenient way.”

* NOTE however, SSI applications cannot be filed online.

Step #3

After the claim is filed Social Security and will begin reviewing the claim and perhaps ask you to complete some paperwork. This includes a Disability Report, Function Report and Work History Report.

The application process, because it seems deceptively simple, is often the place where applicants are tripped up the most. The questions asked by the SSA may seem straightforward — especially those on the Disability Report Form and Function Form — but they are intended to invoke a response or answer that their agency can use against you later, when they deny your application.

Don’t Get Tripped Up At The Start

Your best bet is to consult with an experienced, qualified Social Security Disability lawyer — like myself — during the application process. This will give you the best chance of making sure your application is filled out correctly, completely and in a manner that the agency will find acceptable.

If you plan to apply for Social Security benefits — either Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) — contact The Law Center for Social Security Disability for a free consultation. I give you sound guidance on how to present your case in the best possible light. Send me an email or call 405-896-8852 today.