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3 SSDI mistakes that cost you financially

Numerous people throughout Oklahoma need Social Security benefits. There is currently a massive backlog in the state, and over 13,000 people still need to hear a decision. 

Sadly, the process only gets worse if you end up making a mistake on your paperwork. Many Americans rely on regular Social Security payments to live. Since most people are unfamiliar with the process, it is easy to mess up on the forms, and you may not get as much money as you deserve. 

Reviews after rejections for disability benefits can be slow

Getting disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can be a life-saving event for an Oklahoma resident. When a person cannot work due to a disabling physical or mental disorder, they may struggle to provide themselves with the most basic of necessities, such as shelter and food. Therefore, receiving a timely review of one's application or appeal may be imperative.

Unfortunately, however, the Social Security Administration has adopted a very slow process of hearing appeals of disability benefits rejections. For some, getting their appeals heard has taken more than a year, and in such an amount of time some applicants have passed away. The statistics on this tragic occurrence are unsettling.

Is post-traumatic stress disorder a disability?

Soldiers returning home from war are sometimes described as "shell shocked" when they suffer from mental stresses and disorders due to the experiences they have had during their times of service. More accurately, they may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, a serious mental condition that is often referred to as the acronym PTSD. This disorder can affect anyone who has witnessed or survived a traumatic event and it may affect many residents of Oklahoma.

The symptoms of PTSD can vary, but it is not uncommon for victims of this disorder to experience upsetting flashbacks to their traumas, pervasive shame and fear and self-harm or act in self-destructive ways. The American Psychiatric Association recognizes PTSD as a significant disorder and though treatments are available, not all victims of this serious mental illness are able to overcome their suffering.

A disability may prevent an employee from working

Accidents and illnesses can keep Oklahoma residents from getting to their places of employment and doing the jobs they were hired to do. It is an unfortunate truth that workplace accidents cost employers millions of dollars each year and force workers to make difficult decisions about how they will pay for all of their needs while off of their jobs. For some, workers' compensation may be an option for getting financial help until they are ready to work once more.

However, not all workers are able to get back to their jobs. In some devastating cases, individuals may suffer serious injuries or may contract critical diseases that force them to change the ways that they approach their lives. In some cases, those who suffer from illnesses and injuries may be considered "disabled" under the terms of the Social Security Administration's disability benefits programs.

Who decides if I can work despite my disability?

A disability that limits a person's capacity to engage in work functions -- such as moving, sitting and remembering -- and that lasts for at least one year may qualify an Oklahoma resident for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. However, a person must do more than prove that they are disabled to get disability benefits. They must also submit to inquiries regarding their ability to do past work or to transition into other forms of work that may accommodate their disabling conditions.

How social media affects your SSDI case

Social media is more than just an entertaining distraction for the young. Pew Research Center reports that 68 percent of adults in the U.S. use Facebook, most on a regular basis. This is the highest rate among all social media platforms, but others are still popular and thriving. These outlets allow you to keep in touch with friends and family, share your memories and opinions, discover new information, and connect with people all over the world.

However, like everything in life, social media has a downside. It can provide incriminating evidence in all sorts of cases: criminal, divorce and even Social Security disability.

How keeping a journal can help your SSDI case

In this age, most people record memories through digital photos, blog posts and status updates on social media. These are quick and easy ways to keep track of and share life events.

However, they are not the best methods of maintaining a record of your health when you want to apply for Social Security disability benefits. Anything that goes online can become evidence against you. It is better to track changes in your health with journaling.

Seeking disability benefits after a cancer diagnosis

Cancer is a devastating disease that touches millions of lives each year. Whether through a personal diagnosis or experiencing cancer treatment with a loved one, it is likely that readers of this Oklahoma disability benefits blog have some exposure to the challenges a cancer diagnosis imposes on a person's life.

What can cause a traumatic brain injury?

Bodily injuries can be minor, or they can be serious. The location of an injury on an Oklahoma resident's body can play a large role in how fast they will recover, if recovery is an option. While injuries to bones and muscles often mend, injuries to organs can be damaging for the rest of their victims' lives.

Applying for benefits for a disabled child

Every Oklahoman parent hopes that their children enter the world without illness or pain, but it is a sad fact that not every new baby is capable of living an independent life. Disabilities can afflict individuals at any age and can develop from innate characteristics or from post-birth injuries or illnesses. A child who suffers from a disabling condition may require long-term support and care if they are not able to sustain self-sufficiency and care.

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