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If you need help with a Social Security Disability claim, it is important that you turn to a local law firm. Many law firms advertising as Social Security Disability lawyers in our area are actually from out of town — or even out of state. They do not know how these cases are handled in Oklahoma City. They do not know the tendencies of the judges who practice here. I do.

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At The Law Center for Social Security Disability, I know how to efficiently and effectively navigate the system to help you get the benefits you deserve. I am attorney Gary Jones, and since 1992 I have diligently and compassionately represented the legal interests of disabled people in the greater Oklahoma City metro area and throughout the state.

When you have a Social Security disability claim, it is imperative to have a local, experienced attorney like me represent your interests. Don’t be fooled by the big, flashy law firms that aggressively advertise for your business – often, they are from out of state and do not have your best interests at heart. As they shuffle your paperwork and pass your file from one associate or administrative assistant to another, they’re bound to lose sight of your needs and fail to give you the attention you deserve. Then when it’s time for your hearing, they are likely to fly in an ill-prepared associate who knows nothing about your case and hasn’t even bothered to read your file, or much less speak with you.

The Law Center for Social Security Disability is a local Oklahoma law firm. When you come to my firm, I will be the person you deal with – I will do your intake, review your case, develop an individualized strategy for your case, prepare you for the hearing and personally conduct the hearing for you. I know how to efficiently and effectively navigate the local system to help you get the benefits you need and deserve.

Your Local, Trusted And Experienced Social Security Disability Advocate

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I established this blog to share stories and information about topics relevant to our practice. My intent is to highlight local stories, as well as national subject matter, that we think you will find interesting. I regularly update this blog and encourage you to share your thoughts on these posts.

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I care about your case and am committed to making it a success – my greatest joy is knowing that I have helped you take care of yourself and your family. My compassion shows through every day as I spend time with clients and work hard to provide positive results. When you choose my law firm, you will communicate directly with me from start to finish. You will also be served by a team of experienced legal assistants.

I emphasize accessibility and honest communication. You will find I am easy to reach, and I will provide updates as your case progresses. While I do everything within my power to make certain that the news is always good, I believe you deserve to know the truth. You can expect me to be frank with you at all times. You can also expect me to pour my energy into making your case a success.

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