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About The Law Center For Social Security Disability

Are you a disabled individual seeking Social Security Disability benefits? Navigating the complex field of Social Security law by yourself can be an overwhelming task — and failing to complete the necessary paperwork on your own can have potentially devastating consequences. Hiring a local law firm that focuses on Social Security law can greatly increase your probability of receiving disability benefits.

At The Law Center for Social Security Disability, I have been advocating for the legal rights of disabled people in the Oklahoma City area for over a quarter century. My name is Gary Jones, and I have been practicing Social Security law since 1992. My staff and I have dedicated our careers to helping disabled people, veterans and others obtain the Social Security benefits to which they’re entitled.

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I Do One Thing — And I Do It Well

The Law Center for Social Security Disability is focused on helping disabled people. I do it because I care about disabled people in the community. I do it because the system is complex and frustrating, and you should not have to face it alone. I believe in what I do and I’m proud of the fact that my staff and I have helped thousands of disabled people in Oklahoma City and beyond get much-needed financial help.

Because this is what I do day in and day out, I know the system and I know how to maneuver through it successfully. I strive to stay up to date on changes in the law so that I may remain at the forefront of this challenging area of law.

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