An Honest, Clear Voice In SSI/SSDI Care

How can A Lawyer Help Your Case?

People often worry that hiring a lawyer is going to be too expensive. That is simply not true. You do not have to pay anything out of pocket to enlist The Law Center for Social Security Disability. I am attorney Gary Jones, and my firm gets paid only if I am successful helping you receive benefits. Even then, payment is only a portion — 25 percent — of your back-due benefits. There is no risk in enlisting me and getting my 30-plus years of experience and knowledge on your side.

I Can Skillfully Guide You Through The Process

While you can most certainly attempt to handle the process on your own, it becomes increasingly complex as you move forward. Yes, the initial application is relatively straightforward, and I often encourage people to do that on their own, but if it is denied, you can benefit from the experience of a trusted attorney.

Day in and day out, I help people with requests for reconsideration and all stages of the Social Security Disability appeals process, including an appeal to an administrative law judge. I know the challenges that applicants face and how to overcome them. I know how to maneuver around pitfalls that would otherwise slow your claim down substantially. In untrained hands, these matters can linger for years. I take pride in helping people get benefits as soon as possible.

The Consultation Costs Nothing

I encourage you to schedule a consultation with me at my Oklahoma City law office. Let me answer your questions and discuss your case. You will not have any obligation to retain me, but I believe that once I explain what I can do for you, you will want me on your side. Call 405-896-8852 to get started.