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Get the New Year started off right with SSI benefits

The New Year has brought new life changes for many Oklahoma residents. Some are experiencing new or existing challenges as well, however, including those who are facing financial hurdles. This is particularly true for older individuals who are disabled and living on a limited income.

What are the rights of appeal for a denied benefits application?

Oklahoma residents have disagreements with others virtually every day, whether they be small or large in nature. On some occasions, these disagreements are due to misunderstandings or mistakes, and it is important that these mistakes be corrected in order to set the record straight.

1.7 percent increase coming to Social Security benefits

With housing, food costs and other living expenses seemingly increasing all the time, individuals are often in need of financial assistance in order to cover their expenses. Millions of Americans, including many Oklahoma residents, depend in particular on receiving their Social Security benefits in order to meet their financial obligations.

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