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Mental illness related to somatic disorders

For Oklahomans who believe they are suffering from mental illness and their issues are of sufficient severity that they warrant filing for disability benefits, it is important to understand their disorder and how it impacts their daily lives.

You can now file a Social Security appeal online

Thousands of Americans receive denials on their Social Security claims each year. Some of the most common reasons for this is that the Social Security Administration believes the disability will not last longer than 12 months or that the person in question is still able to perform work. 

Understanding Social Security Ruling 18-3p

Social Security allows numerous Americans to provide for themselves when they can no longer work. However, the Social Security Administration can still deny benefits to certain people based on a litany of reasons. One of the most common explanations you need to watch out for is a failure to follow prescribed treatments, as described in Social Security Ruling 18-3p

Does getting a loan impact my SSI benefits?

When Oklahomans apply for Supplemental Security Income, they will undoubtedly understand there are certain rules to being approved and retaining benefits. In addition to needing to meet the income and resource requirements, the person must also be disabled, blind or 65 and older. Circumstances can also have an impact on the SSI benefits the person gets per month. If, for example, the SSI recipient takes out a loan, this can alter the amount they are getting in SSI benefits. Understanding how this works is an important facet of the entire process.

How does the SSA define levels of work for SSD benefits?

When an Oklahoman is suffering from an injury, illness or condition that results in a claim for Social Security disability benefits, there are certain factors that the Social Security Administration must assess in the context of federal regulations. Not everyone's ability to physically exert themselves is limited in the same way. To make its determinations and decide if the applicant meets the requirements for SSD benefits, it is important to understand the physical exertion requirements for work that exists in the national economy.

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