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You can now file a Social Security appeal online

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Social Security Disability

Thousands of Americans receive denials on their Social Security claims each year. Some of the most common reasons for this is that the Social Security Administration believes the disability will not last longer than 12 months or that the person in question is still able to perform work.

It feels disheartening to receive a denial, but you should not give up hope. You may still qualify for the benefits you deserve, but the SSA made an error in your application. It is also possible you did not provide enough information for the SSA to make an informed decision. Today, it is easier than ever to appeal a denial, thanks to the SSA’s online appeals process.

What does the online portal entail?

The system actually came into being back in 2007. However, the initial website was cumbersome to use, and many people grew frustrated trying to use it. Fortunately, the administration worked out all the bugs, and it is much simpler to go through everything and make sure you have submitted everything you need to.

What kind of appeal can you pursue?

There are four different appeals you can utilize through the portal. You can request a reconsideration if you believe the SSA denied you for a medical reason. You can also ask for a hearing from an administrative law judge. A judge will listen to your case in the event the denial occurred due to a non-medical reason. You can also request a review by an appeals court or federal court. You should understand precisely why you received a denial so you can navigate through the website easily.

Can anyone in Oklahoma use the system?

Not only is the system great for people who suffered disabilities in Oklahoma. It is also a viable tool for Americans presently living abroad. The website is easy to navigate, and it will ask you for far less duplicate information than systems in the past.