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Can my family members get benefits when I receive disability?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Social Security Disability

When an Oklahoman is approved for Social Security Disability benefits, it will be a relief. Suffering from an illness, injury or condition can be a financial and personal struggle and disability benefits will alleviate a significant portion of the worry and fear that accompanies being confronted with these issues. Many might take that relief and leave their benefits as is, failing to understand that there are other potential benefits they and their family can receive.

Once a person is approved for benefits, some family members can also qualify based on the recipient’s record. To get the SSD benefits and for eligible family members to also get benefits, it can be useful to have legal help. The following can potentially get benefits once a person is approved for SSD: the spouse; a former spouse; children; a disabled child; and an adult child who became disabled before turning 22.

There is a maximum amount family members can receive. It will be as much as half of what the applicant is receiving in disability. There is a limit to what can be paid to the family. When the total is determined, the number of family members will be a key factor. The total the family can get is not automatically set, however there is a general amount that is limited to 150% to 180% of the person’s disability benefits. If the amount of benefits on the person’s account surpasses the family limit, there will be a proportional reduction in the benefits paid to family members. The recipient will not be impacted by this and their amount will be the same as it would be if they were not seeking benefits for family members.

SSD benefits can be complicated, but when a person is approved, there are many aspects they might not be aware of that can help them and their family. One is the benefits being available to family members. For this and any other concern related to Social Security Disability, a law firm that helps clients with the claims before and after approval should be called for advice and guidance.