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Get help when mental illness prevents employment

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Conditions

Living with mental illness can mean living with a disease that no one else in the world can see. It can mean facing misunderstandings about one’s condition by those who are close to them and discrimination from those who do not understand the true nature of struggling with depression, anxiety, or another mental disorder. Oklahoma residents who struggle with mental illness may feel the isolation of fighting a war that few others are aware are raging on inside of them.

Mental illnesses are more than just sadness. They can be crippling, life-controlling afflictions that require therapy, medication, and other treatments. Even with excellent medical care and support from loved ones, many individuals who suffer from mental illnesses are unable to live independently or take care of their own needs.

For these reasons, mental illnesses can be considered disabilities in accordance with the requirements put forth by the Social Security Administration. As such, people who battle each day to overcome their afflictions may be able to receive support in the form of disability insurance or supplemental income based on their disabilities and inability to work.

Securing disability benefits based on a mental condition or illness is a process, and there is no guarantee that an applicant’s request will be approved on its initial review. It can be helpful for men and women who cannot work and who suffer from disabling mental conditions to seek support from legal professionals who make it their business to advocate for those who delve into the world of disability law. The Law Center for Social Security Disability is open to individuals who wish to learn more about how they may seek benefits for their disabling mental illnesses.