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Depression may serve as a basis for disability benefits

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Conditions

Depression is a serious medical condition that affects many Oklahoma residents every year. While it may not be possible to tell if a person suffers from depression just by looking at them, medical evidence may demonstrate the serious and debilitating nature of a Social Security disability benefits applicant’s mental condition based upon depression. This post will briefly discuss some of the factors that may be evaluated to determine that a person’s depression is a disability, but readers are reminded that the information contained on this blog contains no legal or medical advice.

Evidence of depression may be derived from many aspects of a person’s condition. They may suffer from problems sleeping or they may have low energy even when they do rest. Depression can manifest as problems with an affected person’s concentration, a depressed disposition, a feeling of low self-worth as well as thoughts of suicide or self-harm.

Depression can also impact a person’s interest in activities that may have once brought them happiness. It can impact a person’s appetite and therefore their weight and depression can impact a person’s ability to manage their own affairs or the responsibilities of their own life. As discussed herein, depression can be a pervasive condition that can cause a person to struggle just to move through each day.

When a person suffers from depression they may not have the capacity to handle the everyday tasks necessary for self-sufficiency, let alone the responsibilities that come with holding down a wage-paying job. To this end, depression can serve as a basis for a person’s disability benefits application and when supported with sufficient evidence may provide them with financial support to help them live their life.