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Degenerative disc disease and disability benefits

Medical disorders classified as spinal arachnoditis may qualify individuals for Social Security disability benefits if their conditions are sufficiently disabling. One condition that falls under this broad category of spinal inflammation and pain is degenerative disc disease. Oklahoma residents who struggle with this painful disorder may wish to look into their options for pursuing benefits from the Social Security Administration if their conditions keep them from working.

Myths and facts about Society Security disability benefits

Navigating the Social Security process is tricky. The person applying has just sustained a serious injury and now has to figure out which documents to send to the federal government. Applying to these programs only becomes more difficult when there are numerous myths floating around. 

What are compassionate allowances?

Readers of this Oklahoma Social Security disability benefits legal blog may be aware that practically every person who receives disability benefits from the Social Security Administration has had to undergo an application and medical review process. During those steps the individuals' conditions were assessed to ensure that they were truly disabled and that their conditions would endure for at least a year. The process of getting approved for benefits can take some time and if a person's application is denied the appeals process can take even longer.

Determining whether one can receive SSDI benefits for autism

There are many different things that can prevent a person in Oklahoma from being able to do various activities, including being able to work. Many times people think about physical injuries or illnesses that make it impossible for the person to do the various physical tasks for a job. However, mental conditions can be just as debilitating and can have just as much of an effect on people's ability to work as physical injuries or illnesses.

Talk to a lawyer about a disabling injury

Injuries can be difficult problems to overcome, regardless of how they are acquired. From the weekend warrior who strains himself on the field and pays for it the next few weeks to the seasoned athlete who trains themselves into a stress fracture, injuries can plague all body type and individuals. However, not all injuries arise from self-induced movement. Sometimes, injuries result from accidents, such as vehicle collisions, incidents at work and falls on hard surfaces.

Can a criminal record affect disability benefits?

A criminal record can be a detriment to a person's future capacity to find work. However, if a person with a criminal record is unable to work due to a disability, they may still be able to collect disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. There are certain legal issues though, that could prevent an Oklahoma resident from getting benefits due to their alleged criminal involvement.

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