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What are compassionate allowances?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness

Readers of this Oklahoma Social Security disability benefits legal blog may be aware that practically every person who receives disability benefits from the Social Security Administration has had to undergo an application and medical review process. During those steps the individuals’ conditions were assessed to ensure that they were truly disabled and that their conditions would endure for at least a year. The process of getting approved for benefits can take some time and if a person’s application is denied the appeals process can take even longer.

Sadly, some individuals suffer from illnesses and disorders that are so serious that there is no question regarding the legitimacy of their disabilities. These ailments include but are not limited to certain cancers, specific brain disorders and serious conditions that affect pediatric patients. When a person suffers from one of these specified illnesses or disorders they may receive a compassionate allowance from the Social Security Administration of disability benefits.

A compassionate allowance is effectively a streamlined approval process for people with the noted disabilities. It is designed to get them the financial support they need quickly so that they can move their lives forward in the wake of their serious conditions. Compassionate allowances can be granted for both disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income applicants.

As science changes the list of approved compassionate allowance illnesses and disorders is growing. Individuals who are afflicted by debilitating diseases are encouraged to contact their trusted disability benefits attorneys to learn more about their rights. Their ailments may qualify them for the compassionate allowance process or may avail them to disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.