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Most people need to appeal an SSDI decision

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2017 | Social Security Disability

Although many people require SSDI benefits, they do not receive approval after the initial application. Some estimates report that nearly 70 percent of people who apply for benefits receive denial the first time around. 

An initial denial does not mean a person should give up hope; people can appeal a claim to receive approval. In fact, when people submit a claim the first time, they should probably prepare to file an appeal to be safe just in case. 

People make obvious mistakes

Many need to file an appeal simply because they made a simple mistake on the application. Simple things that are easy to overlook can result in a denial. For example, the Social Security Administration will deny an application if the organization cannot get in touch with an applicant. People sometimes need to change phone numbers of physical addresses, and this can result in a denial if the person does not inform the administration.

Additional qualities that may result in a denial include:

  • Missing a deadline
  • Remaining vague about certain aspects of employment history
  • Discontinuing medical treatment
  • Exaggerating aspects of medical condition
  • Continuing to receive unemployment benefits

There may be nothing inherently sinister about the above actions, people miss deadlines all the time. It does not mean a person should stop trying to receive benefits.

Understand what went wrong the first time

The Social Security Administration should provide people with information regarding the reason why applications received a denial. If a person still does not fully understand what the appeal requires, then he or she should consult with an attorney.

Another huge mistake people make when filing an SSDI claim is to go through the process alone. There is a lot of paperwork required throughout the process, and missing even one thing can result in a denial. People should get help when they need it to increase the odds of an approval.