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Does a crush injury at work qualify for Social Security Disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2020 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

Anyone who works around heavy machinery runs the risk of being trapped in or under their equipment, which can cause a severe crush injury. If that happens, the injured worker may never be the same again.

What’s so dangerous about crush injuries?

Crush injuries are similar to “caught between” ones. These incidents can result in life-threatening injuries. An individual who survives such an incident may suffer broken bones, collapsed lungs and amputations. The damage done by these injuries may be irreversible.

What causes the most crush injuries?

Heavy machinery with unguarded moving parts is hazardous for anyone to work around. Building materials such as dirt, grain or lumber can shift or collapse, causing you to become trapped underneath, resulting in significant harm. Some individuals also suffer substantial injuries after becoming trapped between two moving and sometimes even stationary objects.

Many pieces of equipment now come equipped with control crushing guards. Many individuals suffer crush injuries after removing these while the equipment is in use. Others get hurt while using equipment elevated off the ground as it falls on them.

Do work-related crush injuries qualify for Social Security Disability?

Usually, workers’ compensation is the first place injured workers look for the benefits and medical coverage they need following a severe injury on the job. For those who cannot return to work because of the permanent limitations they have, Social Security Disability benefits may be an option. An experienced advocate can help you understand both your right to SSD benefits and the claims process. They can also protect your interests as you navigate your situation.