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Chronic conditions may affect your life on multiple levels

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness

Many individuals who fall ill can expect to recover after getting some rest or taking medication. That’s not the case with those people who suffer from chronic illnesses, though. While the same measures that others take when they’re not feeling well may help these individuals, it often only does so temporarily. Chronic illnesses can flare up unexpectedly, significantly disrupting a person’s life.

How chronic illnesses can impact your everyday life

Almost every chronic condition carries with it specific symptoms. Some of the most debilitating conditions may leave a person fatigued and in pain for significant portions of their day. Others may result in digestive problems, mood swings, memory problems and other disruptions. It’s common for individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses to experience shifts in their appearance. These factors can cause anxiety and depression.

Your chronic illness can also lead to stress. Having to weather your physical symptoms daily and not knowing how it’s going to progress may distress you. Worrying about your inability to work, your finances and your future may also cause you significant stress. Some of the earlier signs you may experience if you’re distressed are headaches, disturbed sleep, irritability and a loss of interest in doing things. All of these may exacerbate any fatigue, pain, depression and anxiety that you’re already feeling as well.

How a chronic illness can affect your ability to work

There are a variety of chronic conditions that exist. Some of them may cause you to experience physical limitations, including range of motion deficits and stiffness in your joints in the mornings. These concerns may make it difficult for you to hold down physically-demanding jobs but not other kinds of employment.

Some chronic illnesses may affect both your physical strength and your mental acuity, though. It’s in situations like these that you may be able to ask your employer for accommodations to remain gainfully employed. Your symptoms may be so severe that nothing may help, though.

Fortunately, there are resources available for those suffering from chronic illnesses that can’t contribute to their family’s finances in the way they once did before. An attorney will want to know more about your condition before advising you of whether you should consider applying for disability benefits here in Oklahoma City.