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Is your disability case under review?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Social Security Disability

If you have qualified for Social Security Disability benefits for a disabling injury or medical condition, chances are, those monthly payments have made a difference in your quality of life. Disability benefits can help you pay your rent, buy food, pay for medical care or purchase equipment you may need to assist you. If you were struggling with these things before the Social Security Administration approved your application, you likely appreciate the help your benefits provide.

However, if you recently received a letter from the SSA telling you the agency is reviewing your eligibility for benefits, you may have concerns. What does this review mean, and how might it affect your benefits?

What do they want to know?

While your disability may be permanent, it is not the case for everyone who receives benefits. Because fraud is a serious issue, draining funds from those who most need them, the SSA periodically reviews each case to ensure those receiving benefits actually qualify. Some of the questions the SSA will pursue during your review include the following:

  • What is the specific medical condition that qualified you for Social Security Disability benefits?
  • Did the SSA make a mistake when it approved your condition for benefits, or did the approval result from false information?
  • Does your condition continue to restrict you from participating in daily activities?
  • What are the conclusions of recent medical tests regarding your condition?
  • Are you following the medical advice and treatment your doctor prescribed?
  • Are you gainfully employed while receiving disability?
  • Has your condition improved since you first qualified for benefits?

In some cases, a temporary condition may improve enough that the recipient can return to work so that this final question may be the most critical. If the Oklahoma SSA agents who review your case determine your improvement allows you to return to work, you may lose your benefits even if it is not to the work you did previously.

Your cooperation during the review is important since failing to cooperate may result in the termination of your benefits. Agents may wish to speak with your doctor, and they may request that you undergo a special examination at the agency’s expense. However, if this review results in the loss of benefits you believe you deserve, you have the right to appeal. To maximize the chances of success throughout this process, you may wish to enlist an attorney with experience handling disability matters.