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How do depressive symptoms vary by diagnosis?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Conditions

Many individuals who generally find themselves sad or unhappy may ultimately find themselves diagnosed with depression. What you may not realize is that this isn’t a singular condition. There are instead varieties of it, each with their unique signs and symptoms.

What are the different types of depression?

Most people are familiar with the depressive side of a bipolar diagnosis, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and postpartum depression. Few individuals may know about other diagnoses such as persistent depressive disorder or premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), though. All of these are types of common types of depression that doctors may diagnose in their patients..

Symptoms of SAD patients experience

It’s not uncommon for individuals diagnosed with SAD to experience their most remarkable depressive episodes during the winter when they’re less likely to get much sunlight and the days are shortest. Many individuals diagnosed with this condition can significantly improve it by engaging in daily light therapy and taking antidepressants.

Notable signs of bipolar disorder

Doctors may diagnose individuals who tend to experience mood shifts from sad, depressive episodes to upbeat, high-energy moods with bipolar disorder. Many patients with this condition respond well to using the combination of therapy and medication to help stabilize their moods.

Symptoms that other depression patients experience

While many patients will experience the blues or lows when their depression sets in, others, such as those diagnosed with psychotic depression, may contend with additional debilitating symptoms such as paranoia, delusions or hallucinations.

Patients with atypical depression may need a specifier or a festive event to boost their mood temporarily. Otherwise, a person with this condition may sleep or eat more than others; experience heightened oversensitivity to criticism or a feeling of heaviness in their limbs.

What you can do if you have a depressive disorder

There are many different types of depression, each of which can affect a patient differently depending on whether they suffer from other medical conditions and their body chemistry. Some individuals who have a depressive disorder may be unable to remain gainfully employed. A Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits attorney can help you compile the necessary documentation to send in with your application in your Oklahoma City case in hopes that it will get approved.