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Can a heart condition qualify you for Social Security Disability?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Social Security Disability, Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness

Heart diseases have a way of affecting how a person’s entire body functions. These conditions can affect circulation, cause fatigue, and potentially result in you passing out. They can definitely limit your ability to work.

Does a heart condition qualify you for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits? Maybe.

Certain heart diseases are mentioned on the Social Security Administration’s list of impairments. You can still qualify for SSD for heart disease even if you don’t have a listed condition or exactly meet the listed definition based on a combination of other factors, including any co-morbid conditions you may have. However, meeting the exact requirements in SSA’s “Blue Book,” does make obtaining benefits much easier.

The SSA considers any one of the cardiovascular conditions described below that result from heart disease an automatic impairment.

Central cyanosis may cause pulmonary vascular disease or a reduction in oxygen in a patient’s arterial blood. The SSA also includes ventricular dysfunction or chronic heart failure on this list of heart-disease related cardiovascular impairments.

Cardiac-related insufficient cerebral perfusion may result in syncope. This condition may affect a person’s heart rhythm resulting in inadequate cardiovascular functioning. Myocardial ischemia, which may also involve heart muscle necrosis, may cause a patient to suffer some degree of discomfort or pain. It also makes the SSA’s list of cardiovascular impairments.

The SSA includes other disorders that affect the body’s circulatory system, including its lymphatic drainage abilities, capillaries, arteries and veins as cardiovascular impairments, whether congenital or acquired.

A third condition that the SSA may classify as a cardiovascular impairment is any disorder of the arteries or veins that affects a patient’s lower extremities or their kidneys, central nervous system or eyes. Peripheral vascular disease is one of the more common diagnoses that individuals with these types of disorders receive. This condition may result in a rupture, obstruction or aneurysm.

You may be asked to demonstrate that you are unable to remain gainfully employed and enjoy doing all the things that bring you happiness by merely managing your condition through medication.

A Social Security Disability Benefits attorney can advise you of whether you qualify to apply for monthly payments if you’re not well enough to take care of yourself here in Oklahoma City.