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Don’t let these Social Security Disability mistakes sink your claim

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2020 | Social Security Disability

There may come a point when you realize that a disability is keeping you from working. Should this happen to you, it’s important that you understand all your options for compensation, which includes filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits.

Unfortunately, filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits is easier said than done. There are many mistakes lurking. Here are a few things to beware of:

  • Giving up if you receive a denial letter: You don’t want to receive a denial letter in the mail, but it happens to many people. Read it carefully to find out what went wrong. From there, take action by filing an appeal. Also, keep in mind that you only have 60 days to appeal the decision.
  • Avoiding medical treatment: Even if you’re not the type of person who typically seeks medical care, you must do so if you’re going to file a Social Security Disability claim. Many claims are denied because people don’t seek treatment upfront or continue to see their doctor as they recover.
  • Filing for unemployment: This makes sense in your mind, as you want to obtain all the compensation you can get your hands on. However, when you do this, you’re verifying that you’re physically and mentally capable to work. This doesn’t work well with a Social Security Disability claim, as you’re attempting to prove that your health is making it impossible to hold down a job.


If you run into trouble with your Social Security Disability claim, take a step back to better understand the process moving forward and how to protect your legal rights.