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The advantages of working with an SSD attorney

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Social Security Disability

A disabling injury or illness can be a difficult situation to cope with. For many, suffering a serious ailment means losing out on future work opportunities and the wages that come with them. When an Oklahoma resident is unable to work and facing a future focused on a disabling condition, they may be eligible for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Social Security disability benefits can be secured through an application process. While the paperwork to complete the application is available to anyone who wants it, it may not be advisable for disabled individuals to attempt to fill out their applications on their own. The contents of disability benefits applications are carefully scrutinized by workers who are trained to identify deficiencies in application packages and to reject those that are deemed insufficient to warrant approval.

Help, however, is available to disability benefits applicants from knowledgeable disability benefits attorneys. Legal professionals who work in this area of the law understand the application process, the evidentiary standards that they are subjected to, and the consequences of failing to make a strong case for a disability benefits claim. They can help individuals present the facts of their disabilities clearly and with solid evidence to back them up, all while carefully advising and supporting their clients in times of great stress and uncertainty.

For example, when an individual begins the process of applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, the ailment on which their claim is based must be recognized as a disability. That may mean identifying it on the recognized List of Impairments or proving that it is disabling with medical evidence. A condition that is claimed without support may not be approved for future benefit payments.

Another reason that an Oklahoma resident can benefit from working with disability benefits attorney for their Social Security disability application is that their attorney can support them if their initial claim is denied. In an unfortunate number of cases, applicants have their disability claims denied and their hopes of securing support from the Social Security Administration are dashed. However, individuals whose applications were denied have a period of time to appeal for a review of their claims. An attorney can help an applicant prepare a strong appeal and present it when they have an opportunity to plead their case.

From the initial steps of preparing a disability benefits application to the process of appealing and fighting for their clients’ rights to financial support, disability benefits attorneys are available to prospective clients for every step of their Social Security Administration journeys. Instead of facing questions and fears alone, individuals who hire disability benefits attorneys have allies in their corners to support them as they pursue their benefits’ claims.