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Disability benefits may be available for people with amnesia

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Conditions

Amnesia robs a person of their identity and their memories. This condition may leave an individual with short-term memory losses in some instances. Other people who have amnesia may struggle to remember who they are.

Memory loss generally doesn’t affect a person’s intelligence level or ability to perform basic tasks because performance and motor skills take root in a person’s implicit and semantic memories. Episodic memories get stored in a different area of the brain.

Science has not been able to solve the riddle of how to treat those suffering from persistent amnesia. Vitamin B1 supplements can help decrease brain deterioration if a person’s condition is brought about by alcoholism. Psychotherapy can help individuals suffering from dissociative amnesia deal with the traumatic event that brought about their condition.

Individuals who suffer from persistent amnesia must identify ways to cope with the problem rather than obsessing about finding a cure. Most amnesia cases are anterograde ones. Individuals may have difficulty retaining or creating new memories; however, their long-term memories before their current state may remain intact.

Amnesiacs have to develop new ways to cope with their daily life. They have to form new habits to create or mimic memories to do things. Many individuals with amnesia find that using pocket or astronomical calendars, phones, tablets, computers and keeping a journal helps them manage their condition. Many of these people are likely to feel more independent if they don’t have to rely on others to remember or do things for them.

Most jobs require us to remember how to do things. If you suffer from persistent amnesia, though, then it may limit your ability to do that. You may find it hard to remain gainfully employed as a result of this. An attorney can help you apply for the help that you assuredly need if you can’t work here in Oklahoma City.