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Brain injuries and Social Security disability benefits

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

Over the years, safety equipment in many different fields has greatly improved. For example, modern vehicles are universally manufactured with seatbelts and airbags while in the past they came without either. Sports equipment is constantly assessed and improved to protect players from serious blows to the head and body. Technology provides Oklahomans with safe opportunities every day, but unfortunately it does not protect everyone from serious accidents and harm.

Despite improvements in safety equipment, many people suffer traumatic brain injuries each year. A traumatic brain injury is an acquired injury rather than a condition that a person is born with. It happens when a person suffers a sudden injury to their head, either through blunt trauma or a penetration. While mild forms of traumatic brain injury may not result in any serious symptoms, significant traumatic brain injuries can result in permanent losses and even death.

Close to half of victims of traumatic brain injuries have to have surgery to repair damage or save the victims’ lives. In some situations, victims do not fully recover and must learn to live with permanent disabilities. A traumatic brain injury can end a person’s independence and require them to rely on the assistance of others in order to survive.

The Social Security Administration recognizes brain injuries as neurological conditions that can be disabling. Demonstrating that a person has a disabling traumatic brain injury can require medical examinations, doctors’ reports, and other evidence of their condition. In order for a victim to meet the definition of a disability based on a traumatic brain injury, they can choose to build their case with the help of a committed disability benefits attorney.