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Are there ways to expedite my claim for Social Security disability?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Social Security disability insurance (SSD) provides important benefits to help disabled individuals who are unable to work because of a severe disability they suffer from. SSD benefits can, however, be difficult and time-consuming to obtain because most initial applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied.

As a result, disabled applicants for SSD benefits should be familiar with how to apply and ways they may be able to expedite their claim. SSD benefits are oftentimes badly-needed benefits that can take time to obtain that disabled individuals who are unable to work to support themselves do not have. One way to help expedite a claim for benefits is through the Compassionate Allowances List.

Compassionate Allowances

Compassionate allowances refers to a way of quickly identifying medical conditions and diseases that, by definition, meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability. The Compassionate Allowances List can be used to reduce waiting times for the most serious disabilities while applicants would usually be waiting on a disability determination. The Compassionate Allowances Program identifies applications that may qualify for expedited processing.

Examples of Compassionate Allowances

The Social Security Administration maintains a list of compassionate allowances. It primarily includes medical conditions including certain cancers, adult brain disorders and rare disorders affecting children. A number of medical conditions that may qualify for expedited claims processing are on the list so disabled applicants should be aware of what they are.

Applying for SSD benefits based on a medical condition on the compassionate allowances list may be one way to expedite the disabled applicant’s claim for benefits. To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, the disabled applicant must suffer from a medical condition severe enough that is prevents them from working and meet certain work history credits. In order to obtain disability benefits as quickly as possible, disabled applicants should know about the Compassionate Allowances List to determine if it can help them.