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Answer questions carefully if you receive a Function Report

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Social Security Disability

If some kind of disability prevents you from working, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. When you apply for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration will send various forms for you to complete.

One such form is the Function Report. What is this, and what kind of questions are there?

The Function Report form

The SSA will send the Function Report for you to complete. The SSA uses this form to learn about your limitations as a disabled worker. Keep in mind that the SSA will compare what you write to the information in your medical records, so you must make sure you answer all questions accurately.

Questions to expect

The Function Report has several pages of questions. Among other questions, the SSA may ask you about the following:

  • How your condition, illness or injury limits your ability to work
  • What you do each day from the time you awake to the time you go to bed
  • What you were capable of doing prior to the onset of your limiting condition, illness or injury
  • How often you go outside, if at all
  • What kind of medical equipment you use
  • What kind of medications you take
  • Whether you take care of other people or pets

The SSA emphasizes that you must not leave any sections blank. Instead, you can write “none” or “does not apply.”

The claims process

Filing a claim for SSD benefits has its complications. The process can seem daunting, and many people are uncomfortable completing the various forms without help. Both a Disability Report and a Work History Report may accompany the Function Report you receive from the SSA. One misstep could result in the denial of your claim. However, if you are truthful and your answers are consistent with the information your doctors provide, the Function Report is likely to contribute to an approval for your benefits claim.