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What Is Considered a Disability by the Social Security Administration?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Disabilities can be apparent or invisible. There is no way to know if an Oklahoma resident suffers from a disabling condition just by looking at them. However, when a person is disabled they often carry with them the burden of completing everyday tasks with the added complications of their conditions.

The Social Security Administration offers disability benefits and support to individuals who meet its definition of disabled. That definition contains multiple elements and requires specific evidence in order to be met. Though this post offers information on the topic of disability with regard to the Social Security Administration, readers should contact their own attorneys for specific help with their claims.

For example, one element of the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability is the requirement that the disability condition must exist continuously in the individual for no less than 12 months or result in their death. Short-term injuries and illnesses generally do not qualify as disabilities for benefits’ purposes, though special considerations may apply depending upon the disabilities involved.

Similarly, the Social Security Administration’s disability definition mandates that a person’s disabling condition prevents them from engaging in substantial gainful activity. Individuals who can work within our outside of their chosen industries may be barred from receiving benefits even if they are disabled due to their ability to work.

Disabilities can be mental or physical, apparent or invisible. They may affect the mobility, mental capacity, or any number of other processes that the body must undergo in order to stay alive. Getting disability benefits can be an important part of sustaining one’s self when work is an impossibility. Legal help can provide readers with guidance on how best to pursue disability support from the Social Security Administration.