An Honest, Clear Voice In SSI/SSDI Care

If there’s such a thing as a minor mental health disorder then schizophrenia is not one of them. This condition is included in publications such as the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Listing of Impairments largely because it’s a chronic and serious mental disorder. Individuals who suffer from schizophrenia often appear to others as if they live in their own world. This condition can adversely impact an individual’s feelings, behaviors and reasoning abilities.

Perhaps one of the most notable difficulties that individuals with this brain disorder have is trouble telling what’s fantasy and reality. Those who suffer from this condition are generally disorganized and have difficulty regulating their emotions. All of this can make it hard for them to make sound decisions. Individuals with schizophrenia also often hear voices in their heads. This causes them to fear that someone can read their mind, control or harm them.

Schizophrenia occurs equally in both male and female populations. Most individuals start experiencing hallucinations or delusions at age 16 but many still aren’t assigned a diagnosis until they’re 45 year of age or older.

There are many reasons why this condition may go undiagnosed. Individuals who have schizophrenia may have difficulty getting tasks off the ground or completed. They tend to withdrawal from society. Someone may chalk this up to depression when it’s a sign of something more profound. Delusions or hallucinations that individuals with schizophrenia experience may be similar to those that patients with bipolar disorder have. This can result in a misdiagnosis.

Cognitive impairments such as ones having to do with organizing, planning, memory and attention are the factors that make it difficult for someone with schizophrenia to work. If you are suffering from this condition and you’re having trouble getting your Social Security Disability claim approved, an attorney may be able to help.