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How does the SSA assess evidence about mental disorders?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2019 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Conditions

Mental illness is a continuing problem for many people in Oklahoma and across the nation. If the problem is so severe that the person cannot work, it can warrant an approval for Social Security disability benefits. When filing for disability benefits, one of the key factors in getting approved is the evidence provided. For those with a mental disorder, it is imperative to provide sufficient evidence to have a good chance of getting the benefits. Before moving forward with a claim, it is useful to consult with a legal professional experienced in SSD cases.

With a mental disorder, there is certain evidence the SSA will need. For medical evidence, it must be from acceptable sources and show that there is a medically determinable impairment. It must show the severity and how it impacts the person’s ability to work. Medical evidence will be considered based on the source like a doctor, psychologist, nurse practitioners and counselors. The symptoms, medical history, tests, imaging results, laboratory findings, diagnosis, medications, therapy and its impact, side effects, clinical course and more will be part of the process.

People who are familiar with the applicant can also provide evidence. They can testify about the disorder and its effects. The context will be assessed as it should be consistent with other evidence from medical sources. School and vocational programs can provide evidence. Functionality in the school environment, evaluation reports, therapy, information from educators and other aspects will be provided. For those who receive vocational training, are working or are in a work program, evidence can be provided by trainers, employers and others as to how the applicant adapts and handles working.

A mental disorder can hinder a person’s ability to work in myriad ways. When the person cannot function because of it, it could be sufficient to receive Social Security disability for mental disorders. Evidence is one of the basic requirements to get an approval. For help with a case and to gather the necessary information, a law firm that specializes in SSD cases should be called for advice and representation.