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How does blindness impact my work expenses for SSI benefits?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

One of the criteria for which Oklahomans can get Supplemental Security Income is if they are blind. This, along with being disabled, 65 and older and meeting the income and resource requirements is an important factor in seeking and maintaining benefits. For those who are getting SSI benefits, there are many factors they should remember as it will have an impact on the amount they get in SSI. For example, work expenses are critical when calculating SSI.

For those who are blind, knowing when work expenses will and will not count as income is a fundamental factor and legal help is often required to maximize the benefits. The following circumstances will preclude work expenses from being counted for SSI benefits: if the person can get SSI due to blindness instead of disability; if the person got SSI benefits because of blindness the month prior to turning 65; and if the person received earned income and the work expenses are connected to the person earning that income.

A point to remember is that the deductible expenses do not need to be linked to the blindness. It must simply be a work expense that is needed for the person to do the job. The person is not limited on how much can be deducted, but it must be reasonable and not go beyond what he or she earns in a month. Examples of work expenses include transportation back and forth; meals eaten when on the job; equipment to do the work; a license to be able to do the job; job training; and more.

Blindness does not automatically mean a person cannot work and working does not automatically mean a person cannot get SSI. For the work expenses to not be counted as income, it is wise to know the rules. If there is confusion or a problem with work expenses being counted as income when they should not be or any other concern related to SSI Supplemental Security Income, a law firm experienced in disability cases of all kinds should be called for guidance and help.