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What are the reconsideration options for denied SSI claims?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

It can be a source of significant worry when an Oklahoman who believes he or she meets the basic requirements to get Supplemental Security Income is denied benefits. For those who are blind, disabled, 65 and older, and have limited income and resources, SSI-related benefits can be a critical part of living day-to-day and getting necessary medical care.

Denied SSI claims can be problematic, but it does not necessarily mean that an appeal will fail. Many claims are initially denied, but people end up being approved for SSI benefits after an appeal. Understanding the reconsideration procedures and which is applicable is a key part of a succeeding on a claim. Legal help is often vital for such a situation.

When an applicant asks the Social Security Administration for reconsideration, the way the case is presented hinges on the circumstances. If the reconsideration request is for an initial determination on an application or it is after a suspension, the benefits have been reduced or terminated. There are four different ways in which there can be reconsideration: case review, informal conference, formal conference, and disability hearing.

In a case review, the applicant and other parties to the case will have a chance to look over the evidence the SSA has on record. Additional evidence may be given in oral and written form during this type of reconsideration. Once all the evidence has been provided, the SSA will make an eligibility determination.

In an informal conference, the same procedures for the case review are followed, but a claimant has the ability to present witnesses. In a formal conference, the same procedures as an informal conference are followed but the parties are able to subpoena witnesses who might not want to testify. There can also be a cross-examination. Finally, with a disability hearing, those who have been getting SSI due to blindness or disability and had their benefits stop because it was determined that they are no longer blind or disabled can have reconsideration through a formal hearing.

The denial of a SSI claim or the stoppage of benefits does not mean that the decision is final. Seeking reconsideration gives an individual to secure the benefits they need and deserve. For people confronted with this issue, having legal assistance from a law firm that understands all areas of SSI Supplemental Security Income is a often of critical importance.