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How does not following prescribed treatment impact SSD benefits?

When suffering from an illness, condition, or injury that is severe enough that an Oklahoman believes he or she should get Social Security disability benefits, there are many requirements to follow when applying. It is not a simple matter of filing out an application and being awarded SSD benefits. Evidence is imperative to the process, and it must be shown that the person is at least trying to achieve maximum improvement even if it is unlikely to result in a claimant being able to return to work.

What are the reconsideration options for denied SSI claims?

It can be a source of significant worry when an Oklahoman who believes he or she meets the basic requirements to get Supplemental Security Income is denied benefits. For those who are blind, disabled, 65 and older, and have limited income and resources, SSI-related benefits can be a critical part of living day-to-day and getting necessary medical care.

Who decides when an SSD benefits applicant is unable to work?

When it comes to applying for Social Security disability benefits, Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) currently use information from vocational experts (VEs), such as employment counselors, contracted with the SSA,to decide whether there are enough jobs the applicant would be able to perform. This is significant, as an applicant in Oklahoma or elsewhere in the nation who can work and thus earn an income that is above a low threshold set by the SSA will not qualify for SSD benefits.

How does the Social Security Administration define 'disability?'

When a person is young, they may take their good health for granted. After all, it may seem like serious illnesses or injuries only happen to the elderly. However, this is a misconception. Any worker in Oklahoma, young or old, can develop a medical condition that is so severe that it renders them disabled. When this happens, they may want to pursue Social Security disability benefits.

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