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Yearly spine injury costs can be staggering

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can be some of the most difficult injuries for a person in Oklahoma to suffer. Whether it is caused in a car crash, a sporting accident or a slip-and-fall incident, a spinal cord injury could lead to partial or total paralysis. This can easily cause a person to be unable to perform the job they were performing prior to their injury or performing any job whatsoever. And, as the numbers show, living with a spinal cord injury can be very costly.

Let’s look at the 2014 statistics for the average yearly costs associated with spinal cord injuries. These include health care expenses and living expenses, but not lost income and other indirect costs. On average, a person with high tetraplegia will spend $1,064,716 in the first year following their injury and $184,891 each year subsequent to their injury.

However, even less severe spinal cord injuries can be very costly. On average, a person with low tetraplegia will spend $769,351 in the first year following their injury and $113,423 each subsequent year. A person with paraplegia will spend an average of $518,904 during the first year post-injury and $68,739 each subsequent year. Finally, on average a person with any level of incomplete motor function will spend $347,484 in the first year after their injury and $42,206 each subsequent year.

These numbers are quite staggering, and the costs not something most people can handle on their own, especially if their injury prevents them from working. People in such situations may be interested in pursuing Social Security disability benefits for injuries. If it can be shown that the person is unable to perform any work and has a disability that will last a year or more or is projected to be fatal, then it is possible that the person can successfully pursue SSD benefits. However, applying for SSD benefits can be complicated, and it is not unusual for initial applications to be denied. Working with a legal professional can help applicants understand what should be included in their SSD benefits application, thereby maximizing their chances of success.