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Yearly spine injury costs can be staggering

Spinal cord injuries can be some of the most difficult injuries for a person in Oklahoma to suffer. Whether it is caused in a car crash, a sporting accident or a slip-and-fall incident, a spinal cord injury could lead to partial or total paralysis. This can easily cause a person to be unable to perform the job they were performing prior to their injury or performing any job whatsoever. And, as the numbers show, living with a spinal cord injury can be very costly.

SSD benefits recipients may want to consider ABLE accounts

A federal law passed in 2014 established ABLE accounts, which permit those who receive Social Security disability benefits to save a maximum of $100,000 in the ABLE account while still retaining their government benefits. ABLE accounts are offered by 42 states, including Oklahoma, and the District of Columbia. However, an analysis from the National Association of State Treasurers states that fewer people than anticipated have so far opened ABLE accounts.

Rule change may require English proficiency for older applicants

The United States of American is often described as a melting pot where individuals of different races and backgrounds, religions and beliefs, live together in a relatively harmonious shared community. This description accurately describes Oklahoma, where individuals of all walks of life come together in their places of employment, residential developments, and institutions of learning. It is not uncommon to hear different languages being spoken as one walks down the street or rides on a city bus.

What evidence is accepted for a disability benefits claim?

It can be hard to prove that a person has a disabling medical condition. When an Oklahoma resident begins to pull together the data and documentation that they have on their condition, they may be unsure as to whether it is sufficiently authoritative to carry weight with the Social Security Administration. Pursuant to guidance provided by that entity, certain medical professionals are considered acceptable sources of evidence for the purposes of establishing disabilities.

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