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Getting through disability benefits appeals

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Social Security Disability

Although going to work may not always be an Oklahoma resident’s first choice of activity, most people enjoy the feeling of having a job and earning their own income. As children, individuals depend on their parents and other adults for support, and when a person is able to step out on their own and provide for their own needs they may feel a sense of accomplishment. Work is not always easy, but for many it is a necessary element of living the lives that they enjoy.

Because of this, losing the ability to work can be devastating, not just for the affected person but for their entire family. When a person supports their loved ones with their income, an entire household may be thrown into financial peril when a disabling condition curtails the capacity to work. Illnesses, injuries and other ailments may force hardworking individuals out of their jobs and cause them to look into benefits options to care for their needs.

The Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to individuals who meet the organization’s definition of disabled. Submitting an application for benefits is not a guarantee that they will be approved. Many disability benefits applications are initially denied.

The Law Center for Social Security Disability represents and advocates for people who have had their disability benefits applications rejected by the Social Security Administration. We do our best to help our clients attempt to win their appeals for disability support so that they may have some financial support on which to live. The firm’s website is an excellent resource for information on disability benefits and topics related to Social Security disability programs.