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Congenital and acquired heart conditions can be disabling

Heart disease and other heart-related illnesses can directly impact the quality of individuals' lives and can prevent them from engaging in the activities they want and need to do to support their loved ones. While this post offers no medical or legal advice, it is offered to its Oklahoma readers to discuss some of the ways that heart conditions may avail sufferers to disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. After reading this post, individuals may wish to follow up with the own attorneys.

Can a person get disability benefits based on seizures?

When a person suffers a seizure their body can go through a range of different symptoms. They may or may not lose consciousness, and they may or may not lose control of their bodily functions. Some seizures are focal and impact only one part of a person's brain, while others are generalized and take over the individual's entire brain.

How can marriage impact SSI-related benefits?

When disabled individuals in Oklahoma meet the basic requirements to receive Supplemental Security Income of disability, blindness, being 65 or older and having limited income and resources, it can be a concern as to when the situation might change to render them ineligible for SSI. Such a case can come about when the person gets married. The SSI benefits can be impacted by marriage and the spouse's income and resources. It is important to understand the rules related to marriage and SSI to address potential problems.

Tenacity may increase your chances of receiving SSDI benefits

Like most of your friends and family members in Oklahoma City, you work hard to provide for your family and support yourself. Unfortunately, though, serious medical conditions and certain injuries can make working impossible. If you cannot work, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits may help you keep up with expenses. 

Getting through disability benefits appeals

Although going to work may not always be an Oklahoma resident's first choice of activity, most people enjoy the feeling of having a job and earning their own income. As children, individuals depend on their parents and other adults for support, and when a person is able to step out on their own and provide for their own needs they may feel a sense of accomplishment. Work is not always easy, but for many it is a necessary element of living the lives that they enjoy.

When is anxiety considered a disability?

Anxiety is more than just "feeling nervous." Pretty much all Oklahoma residents have experienced worry or concern about events that are outside of their control. When those events have passed most individuals will experience relief and their apprehension fades away. However, for individuals who live with anxiety disorders, that relief may not always come.

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