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Factors considered during disability determination

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Social Security Disability

Living with a disability can be a challenge for Oklahoma residents, particularly if they are unable to work because of their condition. Because individuals who suffer from disabling illnesses, injuries and impairments may not be able to support themselves by working, the Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to those who qualify. However, due to the many factors that are considered during a disability determination, disabled individuals may find that their claim for disability benefits has been rejected.

This is because the Social Security Administration looks at applicants’ educational backgrounds, prior work experiences and possible alternative career paths when assessing their needs for disability benefits. If a person is unable to do the work they had performed prior to their disability, then they may be directed to pursue another line of work instead of receiving disability benefits.

Individuals who have educational histories that could open doors in new careers for them may be advised to seek alternative lines of work due to the possibility of them finding jobs despite their disabilities. However, as many of our readers are aware, jumping into new work endeavors while coping with a disability can be next to impossible for those who have been unable to work in familiar lines of employment.

Applicants for disability benefits should be prepared to give a lot of background information to the Social Security Administration about their abilities to work and their histories of employment and education. Those who wish to present strong documentation of their need for disability benefits may want to get more information about preparing their applications in the most clear and convincing lights.