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Inflammatory arthritis may be a disabling condition

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness

Arthritis is a common ailment that may cause problems for individuals as they grow older. It is not uncommon for men and women who are nearing retirement age to feel extra sensations of pain and discomfort in their joints. An Oklahoma resident who is diagnosed with arthritis may require medication in order to alleviate the pain and offer some relief from distress.

Arthritis can, however, be a much more serious issue. For example, inflammatory arthritis can significantly impact a person’s ability to move and, therefore, the person’s ability to do the work they must accomplish for their job. The Social Security Administration offers guidance on how a person with inflammatory arthritis may qualify for disability benefits based on their serious medical condition.

One way a person’s condition may demonstrate a disability is if the arthritis is persistent and affects at least one of the person’s major weight-bearing joints. Another way a person may be able to demonstrate that inflammatory arthritis is disabling is by proving that it has deformed at least one of the major joints of the body and that the illness also affects organs and internal systems.

Inflammatory arthritis is a serious, painful and disabling illness that attacks a person’s body and may render them unable to hold down a job. It is important that individuals who suffer from this damaging disease seek medical treatment. With the help of their doctors, a person who suffers from inflammatory arthritis may be able to get the help that they deserve. Getting the right information about potential disability benefits is also crucial.