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A disability may prevent an employee from working

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2018 | Social Security Disability

Accidents and illnesses can keep Oklahoma residents from getting to their places of employment and doing the jobs they were hired to do. It is an unfortunate truth that workplace accidents cost employers millions of dollars each year and force workers to make difficult decisions about how they will pay for all of their needs while off of their jobs. For some, workers’ compensation may be an option for getting financial help until they are ready to work once more.

However, not all workers are able to get back to their jobs. In some devastating cases, individuals may suffer serious injuries or may contract critical diseases that force them to change the ways that they approach their lives. In some cases, those who suffer from illnesses and injuries may be considered “disabled” under the terms of the Social Security Administration’s disability benefits programs.

Workers may be considered disabled if they are substantially limited in a major function of living for at least a year. But, the nuances of the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability should be assessed in individual cases. Sometimes, the SSA may initially determine that a person does not meet the requirements to obtain benefits, but on appeal may reconsider and ultimately grant the much needed financial support.

Workers should know that they may have long-term options for getting the financial support they require to support themselves after suffering a serious disabling medical condition. The Law Center for Social Security Disability attempts to help Oklahoma residents who are looking for answers to the many questions they have about getting long-term support for their disabling disorders.