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With whom you live can impact your SSI benefits

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Different people have different preferences for their living arrangements. While some individuals may thrive when they are living by themselves, others may enjoy the companionship of family members or friends living in their households. With whom a person chooses to live can have an impact on their quality of life, but Oklahoma residents should also know that the people a person lives with can influence whether they will receive the full amount of Supplemental Security Income they apply for.

If a person is solely responsible for their basic needs, such as housing and food, then it is possible for them to receive the full amount of SSI that is available. However, when others contribute to the costs of an applicant’s needs then that applicant may not be eligible for full SSI benefits.

For example, consider an applicant who lives with their sibling. If that sibling provides the applicant with free housing and free food then the applicant may see their SSI benefits reduced to around two-thirds of what they might have otherwise received if they were paying for their own needs.

Therefore, SSI applicants should be aware that the financial help that they receive from others will factor into how much they may receive in aid. It is important to note, however, that individuals whose spouses contribute to their needs will not have their benefits affected by those contributions.

Financial need can be a crippling problem for a person who is unable to secure employment due to blindness, age, or disability. Knowing the rules of how SSI benefits are approved can help an applicant maximize their benefits so that they are able to support themselves into the future.