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Some benefits can reduce Social Security disability payments

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Social Security Disability

If an Oklahoma resident cannot work due to a disabling illness or injury, then they may seek the support of benefits programs like those offered by the Social Security Administration. Depending upon the nature of their ailments and their need, however, they may also receive compensation from others sources. Individuals who receive certain benefits outside of Social Security disability may be surprised to learn that their disability benefits could be reduced by their other forms of support.

For example, a person who receives workers’ compensation benefits may have their Social Security disability benefits reduced, as may individuals who receive other specific forms of public benefits. Individuals who only receive privately funded benefits, such as those from pensions, generally will not have their benefits reduced.

In the case of a person who receives Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) and workers’ compensation benefits, a computation will be undertaken to determine if a reduction of SSDI benefits is warranted. The individual’s average monthly income would first be determined based on the income prior to becoming disabled. Then, if the sum of their SSDI and workers’ compensation benefits exceeded 80 percent of their average monthly income, the overage would be reduced from their SSDI benefits.

It is important that recipients of SSDI and other disability support understand how their benefits may be affected by other public payments. Not all other public benefits’ programs affect Social Security disability benefits, so it is imperative that recipients understand what will happen when they begin to receive new forms of support. Speaking with a disability benefits attorney can be the best way to avoid any unintended stoppages or reductions in benefits for those who are in need.