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Reporting requirements for SSI

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2018 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a Social Security program for individuals who have limited incomes. There are different ways to qualify for SSI. Those who are successful in recovering these benefits are subject to a number of reporting requirements that exist to ensure that they are getting benefits that they actually should. Oklahoma residents who wish to maintain their SSI benefits must provide continual reporting on the following topics, but readers are reminded that this information is not comprehensive and additional requirements may apply.

First, any changes in a person’s income or access to financial resources must be reported. If an individual starts to earn more or less money, then it should be reported, as should any changes in the incomes of their spouses or others in the SSI recipient’s household. If an SSI recipient starts to receive financial help from someone outside of their household, that also must reported.

Second, changes in an SSI recipient’s relationships must be reported. If a recipient gets divorced or married these events should be reported. Deaths of members of the recipient’s household should also be told to the Social Security Administration.

Third, changes in a person’s legal status must be reported. For example, if a person gains citizenship or becomes incarcerated for the alleged commission of a crime, then the Social Security Administration should be made aware of such facts.

Less significant changes, such as changes in address, have to be communicated in order for a person to retain their SSI benefits. In order to stay ahead of these and other requirements, SSI recipients may wish to consult with disability benefits’ attorneys to ensure that their financial support will remain active and in good standing.