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Are disability benefits available for PTSD?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Conditions

Not all illnesses are obvious to the human eye. In fact, many of the medical conditions that Oklahoma residents struggle with are completely hidden from view. While some of these latent disorders affect the physical functioning of their victims’ bodies, others lurk in their mental states and psychological profiles.

One group of serious mental disorders that affects a number of different people is trauma-related disorders. These disorders develop when significant traumas or stresses impact the lives of those affected or the lives of people who are close to the affected individuals. A person who struggles with a trauma or stressed-based disorder may live with anxiety, fear, affected thoughts or dreams, and behaviors that permit them to avoid contact with others.

A specific form of trauma disorder is post-traumatic stress disorder. Shortened to the acronym PTSD, this condition can affect victims of crimes, individuals who have been involved in combat, and others who have experienced serious traumas in their lives. A person who suffers from PTSD may fight just to get through each day and may find holding down a regular job to be an impossible task on top of managing their health.

An evaluation for disability benefits based on PTSD or another stressor or trauma-based disorder can be extensive. It may involve an investigation into a person’s medical history, a review of their psychiatric records, medications, and other forms of treatment. Despite the rigorous review that individuals can face, it is possible to be approved for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration for these serious mental conditions. The support of a disability benefits attorney can be useful for those who hope to seek assistance due to their PTSD struggles.