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Working with victims of brain injuries and other physical harm

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

Last week’s informative post on this disability benefits legal blog discussed the very serious problems that are associated with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). A victim of TBI may be forced to live the remainder of their life with the consequences of their distress, which can include incapacity and the acquisition of a disability that prevents them from working.

The Law Center for Social Security Disability is a full-service disability benefits firm located in Oklahoma City. The attorneys and staff of the Law Center recognize and understand the many challenges that their disabled clients face when working to secure the financial help they require. We know that no two TBI stories are alike. Through our careful assessment and preparation of a disability benefits application, a victim of TBI can know that their case is being handled competently and comprehensively by the Law Center for Social Security Disability.

The Law Center is available to individuals who have suffered disabling injuries to other parts of their bodies as well. Injuries that result in paralysis, amputation, and spinal harm, just to name a few, may all qualify applicants for disability benefits if their ailments meet the terms set by the Social Security Administration.

An accident victim may not fully understand their benefits options if they are unaware of whether their injury qualifies as a disability. Readers who are unable to work due to their disability injuries are invited to reach out to the Law Center for Social Security Disability for more information and guidance on how to pursue the support they need. Information about the firm is accessible through our website on disability benefits and the law.