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Why you should keep seeing a doctor during the SSDI process

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2018 | Social Security Disability

Have you become disabled and can no longer work? You may be able to qualify for Social Security benefits, specifically SSDI. Maybe you have already started the application process and are waiting on a response from the Social Security Administration.

Whatever your situation, one thing remains the same: Seeing your doctor regularly is vital to the success of your case. Here are the reasons why you should continue making follow-up appointments with your medical provider.

The process takes time

Unfortunately, SSDI benefits can take anywhere from just a few months to over a year to obtain. The length depends on whether your application gains approval quickly or slowly or whether you receive a denial. In the case of rejection, an appeal also takes time based on multiple variables.

Your disability may change

Because of the unknown duration, your disability can change for the better or worse or stay the same during the wait time. As your case depends on the extent of your disability, it is imperative to continue receiving care and evaluations from your doctor to ensure up-to-date, honest information for the SSA. Having accurate and current records will increase the chances of avoiding a denial or winning an appeal. It also speeds up the process.

In addition, your doctor may discover further health issues or more certainly determine you are not able to return to any type of work. Even if your health improves, being upfront about it can prevent a denial based on trying to hide that information.

It helps your health

Even without worrying about SSDI, seeing your doctor regularly is beneficial to your long-term well-being. Yes, you may want to remain qualified for benefits, but you probably also want to be as pain-free as possible under your conditions and prevent or delay a decline in your health. Maintaining routine checkups is good for both your SSDI case and your overall health.