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Disability benefits may end if one’s illness improves

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2018 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness

One of the requirements of meeting the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability is that the disabling condition of the applicant is expected to last for at least a year. Many individuals who receive disability benefits maintain them for many years because their ailments are life-long afflictions that they must endure. However, an Oklahoma resident may see their disability benefits cut off if a review of their disability demonstrates that their illness or ailment has medically improved.

Individuals who receive disability benefits generally must submit to periodic reviews of their conditions. This is to ensure that recipients of these benefits are still disabled and therefore still eligible. If a person is found to no longer be disabled, then they are no longer entitled to receive disability benefits.

There is a wide range of time from a person’s initial approval for benefits to when they might be reviewed to ensure that they are still disabled. For example, a person who is approved for benefits and whose condition is expected to last until their death may not have a review of their disability for a period of years. But, an ailment that may medically improve despite qualifying a person for disability benefits may subject a disability benefits recipient to a review in the year following their approval.

Having one’s disability reviewed by the Social Security Administration can be nerve-wracking for individuals who depend on their benefits to survive. Those who have received notices that their cases will be reviewed may wish to discuss their rights and options with Social Security Disability benefits attorneys who are familiar with their cases.