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An illness can be a long-term, disabling condition

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness

This year, influenza has hit the nation at an alarming pace and caused thousands of people to suffer miserable symptoms and miss days of work, school and other important commitments. Unfortunately, Oklahoma was not left out. Luckily though, for most, rest and time give them relief from their ailments. Illnesses, such as the flu, common cold and other transient diseases, are short-term issues that cause conditions that people can get over. Other illnesses, however, can be serious and last a lifetime, preventing people from leading normal lives.

This Social Security Disability benefits legal blog has discussed some disabling diseases that may avail sufferers to financial support from the Social Security Administration. Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), cardiovascular disease and arthritis are just some of the conditions recognized as being potentially disabling. Serious conditions, such as cancer, can also be disabling, if their impacts are serious and long-term.

When a disease or illness takes away a person’s ability to earn an income, they may be able to pursue benefits based on that disability. A consultation with an attorney who practices Social Security Disability benefits law is a good way for a person to learn about their options for seeking support.

The Law Center for Social Security Disability prides itself on providing comprehensive and compassionate representation to Oklahoma residents who wish to seek disability benefits. Our firm is located right here in Oklahoma City. And, at present, the attorneys of our firm are accepting new clients who suffer from diseases, illnesses and injuries that prevent them from holding down jobs to support themselves and their family.