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Legal assistance for SSD benefits due to physical issues

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Social Security Disability

When an Oklahoman is suffering from a disability, it is crucial to understand how to go about getting Social Security disability benefits. Often, the issue with an approval or a denial for SSD benefits is not the disability itself, but filing the application correctly. Knowing how the process works when seeking benefits for a physical disability or impairment is key to getting beyond the first steps in the process.

With SSD benefits, the Social Security Administration uses the Blue Book. The evaluation of the disability will commence at step three in the SSA’s five-part evaluation. The medical history will be examined to see if the applicant meets the requirements to be deemed disabled. For those who are applying for SSD benefits, the medical requirements must be met. Therefore, the applicant must give an accurate identification of the issues from which he or she suffers. There must also be sufficient medical documentation to support the claim.

The disability must be of sufficient severity that the applicant cannot perform gainful activity. Illnesses, conditions and disorders that can result in an approval of SSD benefits include: cancers, blood disorders, asthma, chronic pulmonary disease, skin conditions, heart conditions, digestive issues, neurological conditions, hearing loss, sight loss, and many more.

These issues can affect people of any age and either be long lasting problems or arise in a sudden manner. When there is a disability that results in an inability to work, the person should be aware of his or her right to seek SSD benefits. A legal professional who understands the Blue Book, the 13 listed physical impairments and the subsets can be of assistance with getting Social Security disability. Failing to have legal help can result in making unnecessary mistakes. Therefore, it is wise to contact an attorney.