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Defining disability under the Social Security Administration

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Social Security Disability

As readers of this Oklahoma City Social Security disability benefits legal blog are likely aware, disability benefits are often available to men and women who are not able to work because they suffer from disabling injuries, illnesses and medical conditions. In order to avail themselves to these benefits, individuals must first apply and meet the requirements of the Social Security Administration. One of the most important requirements that they must meet is the agency’s definition of disability.

In order to be disabled under the Social Security Administration’s definition of the term a person must not be able to do the work that they did before sustaining their injury or acquiring their illness. Additionally, the person must not be able to change to other types of work because of their medical issue. Put simply, the person’s ailment must prevent them from holding down a job.

Temporary or short-term illnesses and injuries do not qualify individuals for disability benefits under the Social Security Administration. In fact, a person’s disability must be expected to last for at least one year in order for the individual to qualify. Many people who apply for and receive disability benefits may never recover from their disabling conditions.

In sum, disabilities must be long-term and incapacitating in terms of work capabilities for individuals. However, it is important that readers remember that individual disability benefits cases are reviewed by the Social Security Administration on case by case bases. In order to prepare a strong application for disability benefits, an injured or ailing individual may wish to use the services of an attorney who works in and understands disability benefits law.