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What should I know about SSD benefits for veterans with P&T?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Social Security Disability

Veterans who are deemed to have 100 percent permanent and total (P&T) disability might be able to get Social Security disability benefits. Oklahomans who served in the military and were injured or became ill as a result and are given this designation should be aware of the rules for SSD benefits. Disability benefits are paid by the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration. There are, however, different criteria for the claimant to get benefits. There is no guarantee that a person who is declared 100 percent P&T will get SSD benefits.

To get SSD benefits, the person must meet the SSA’s definition of disability. The following must be in place: the person cannot perform substantial work due to the medical problem, and the condition must have lasted or be expected to last for a minimum of one year or end in the person’s death. Those who are getting compensation from the VA will not have this influence their ability to get SSD benefits.

Once a veteran is rated as 100 percent P&T, it is also possible to have the benefits expedited. The applicant must go through the initial process for SSD benefits. Then the SSA must be informed that the person is a veteran and there has been a rating of 100 percent P&T whether it is done in person or online. There will be a letter that the person received verifying there is 100 percent P&T and this must be provided to the SSA. There are different factors that contribute to the amount of time the process will take. However, it basically hinges on: the disability; how fast the SSA gets medical evidence from the medical professionals; and if it is necessary to send the person to receive a medical examination in support of the application.

Veterans make a great sacrifice to serve the nation. In some unfortunate instances, they are injured or become ill because of that service. Veterans must be aware of their right to get SSD benefits when they are found to be 100 percent P&T. The benefits can even be expedited. A legal professional who is experienced in Social Security disability benefits can help veterans and anyone else who is disabled or ill and would like to apply for SSD.

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