An Honest, Clear Voice In SSI/SSDI Care

When most people think of applying for Social Security disability benefits, they assume they require a physical impairment that limits their ability to work. However, employees can also seek SSDI if they suffered mental impairments due to effects of the job. 

Unfortunately, others typically cannot see evidence of mental disorders, so it can be difficult to prove that one suffers from a mental illness. It is critical for everyone to receive the assistance they need, and a doctor can attest to the fact if an employee has developed a mental disorder over the course of employment. Certain conditions remain protected under Social Security disability. 

Personality disorders

An employee with a personality disorder needs to prove the condition inhibits him or her from carrying out the responsibilities of the job. Some common personality disorders covered by SSDI include:

  • Impulsive behavior
  • Aggressiveness
  • Seclusion
  • Autistic thinking
  • Odd speech or thought patterns

Anxiety disorders

Many people suffer from constant anxiety. This anxiety can occur all the time or only under certain conditions, such as a person feeling unable to operate a vehicle. This condition is generally characterized by frequent panic attacks. 

Affective disorders

Many individuals with an affective disorder undergo constant treatment to get the condition under control. In the event the treatment still does not help make the person suitable for the workforce, then that employee may qualify for SSDI benefits. In this case, the person will need to provide medical documentation stating the condition reasonably hinders the person from doing a certain task. 

Somatoform disorders

People who are at least 30 years old can receive SSDI benefits for somatoform disorders. These are conditions where people receive unexplained physical symptoms. Some of the most common signs include loss of use of at least one limb, loss of vision and loss of speech. These conditions need to remain prevalent for several years for a person to qualify.